Lark, Sarah (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). "The Legend of Fire Mountain" 2021.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1542092418
To be released October 19, 2021
Bold new paths in life and love are forged in nineteenth-century New Zealand in the stirring final chapter of bestselling author Sarah Lark’s multigenerational Fire Blossom Saga.

It’s 1880 in the North Island town of Otaki, where Aroha lives contentedly with her mother, Linda—until a fateful tragedy leaves Aroha traumatized and plagued by a cursed guilt. For the long recovery ahead, Aroha is sent to Rata Station, a thriving sheep farm that Aroha’s mother and grandmother once called home. Linda knows it’s the perfect place for her daughter to heal, find hope, and start a life she can call her own.


Lark, Sarah (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). "Fires of Change" 2020.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1542092425
Eileen Parsons, October 23, 2020
The Fire Blossom and the follow up book Fires of Change by author Sara Lark are wonderful books. Full of emotion, challenges, danger and love. I used every emotion during the reading of these extremely beautifully written books and really did not want them to come to the end. I am so pleased to have found Sarah Lark. I am now a fan.
Lark, Sarah (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). "The Fire Blossom" 2019.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1542044820
 A gripping and engaging read. Jill Goodale, November 16, 2019
"Sarah Lark has done it again – a great read and I think she does a marvelous job of turning historical facts into a very entertaining read... Sara Lark translates well – I think she’s got a good back-up team!"
 Wishing for a Book Two. Lisa B., October 17, 2019
"...Sara Lark is masterful at blending history with fiction. Her characters are so believable and either loved or disliked intensely. Also the translation is well done. "
Looking forward to the next book. Kindle Customer, September 1, 2019
"Another great read Sarah. Have enjoyed learning about our New Zealand history. The translator of this book made the story flow quite well."
Thorn, Ines (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). "The Beachcomber" 2018.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1542048958
An excellent book describing the Island of Sylt...  Marie Fullwood on March 18, 2018
"An excellent book describing the Island of Sylt in the late 1700s. The translation is outstanding. I highly recommend this book if you are interested in the North German Culture of that time. The plot is spellbinding. You will not be able to put down this book. Enjoy."
Waiting for another!  Christine Year on March 25, 2018
"This book transports you to another time. I could feel the wind in my face and hear the sea. Please translate more."
Thorn, Ines (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). "The Whaler" 2017.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1611099249
Well told story  Faith S. Rodell, September 17, 2017
"Wonderfully written with very real characters that pulled at ones heart's strings. I felt as if I was right along on the whale hunt, very informative. Couldn't put the book down. Then I found out at the end that it was a translation, what a surprise-- excellent translation!"
I loved this story. I can't wait for the next book in this series.  lorrie from lawrence, October 1, 2017
"This story was amazingly written. I imagined what it must be like to have such limitations in controlling your destiny. Superb writing."

Remke, Susann (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). “New York for Beginners” 2015.

AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1477824702


Lovely story in a fabulous city! Annie C, August 4, 2015

“This was quite different from most books set in NYC. It's by a German author and has been translated very well into English. It means the reader sees New York through German eyes rather than the usual American/English eyes”


Whirlwind Life & Romance, chinagirl, September 17, 2015,

"I really had the absolute best time reading this book. It is really funny and I mean laugh out loud funny..."

Tom, Babsy (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). “Forget Love” 2014.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN-13: 978-1477826522
So fun, I want more! FogCityBookGal, September 5, 2015
"Forget Love is a wonderfully fun chick-lit packed with a great sense of humor from the author. Because this book is translated from German, I wasn’t sure how the comedy would work. Sometimes things in other languages don’t translate well. Never fear in this case. The translation job was perfect..."
Better than average... Midwest Yogini on February 13, 2015
“I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would... It's a notch up from a good beach read, for me… I find it interesting that it is a translation. Kudos to Kate Nothrop for a job well done!”
Ki-Ela (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). “Shades of White” 2015.
AmazonCrossing. ISBN: 1477825800
Love really does conquer all!!!!! Nanacav, June 7, 2015
“…Shades of White was such an emotional read that brought tears to my eyes many times…You won't be disappointed in this book and you will be thinking of it long after you have read the last word…”
Segal, Michelle (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). "Limelight Kisses" 2016
Author-Published Kindle Edition,  Amazon.co.uk. ASIN: B01GGOP42W
Amazing book - 5 stars! colleen langan on 6 July 2016
"I have thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. 5 stars without a shade of doubt!"
Short and sweet (and sexy!) Amazon Customer on 21 Jun. 2016
Limelight kisses is the perfect holiday novella- Ryan is swoon worthy and Katie is adorable.
Siebert, Marcus (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). “Father, Mother, Child” 2014
AmazonCrossing (Kindle Edition). ASIN: B00IPU795

Taylor, Drucie Anne (Author), Northrop, Kate (Translator). Gavin: Pure Passion.” 2015
Amazon Crossing  (Kindle Edition). ASIN: B00ZINSKUG