Book Translation, German to US English
In collaboration with a publisher and an editing team:
We have experience working with publishing teams, and we are happy to collaborate with editors and proofreaders to create a professional product. We value good communication and aim to get the very best out of a translated manuscript.
In direct collaboration with an author:
We are also happy to work with authors privately to translate self-published projects. For an additional fee, we provide professional quality editing and proofreading to make sure your manuscript is ready for publication.
Please contact us for an estimate.
Book Sample Translation
Especially for self-published authors, book translation is a large financial commitment. Not only because of the cost of the translation, but because of the additional costs of editing and proofreading the mansuscript in the new language, cover design for the new market, marketing in the new country, etc.
It is often worthwhile to have a sample translation done, usually a cover blurb and the first chapter or selected sections of the book, to determine whether a book has a good chance of appealing to American readers. You can then offer the sample to US beta-readers (findable in online communities) for feedback before you make your final decision. We offer this service at a reduced rate for self-published authors, and the cost of the sample will be subtracted from the final bill if you decide to have the entire book translated.
Song Lyric and Poetry Translation, German to US English
Kate Northrop is also a professional lyricist with songs signed to major labels and publishers (Universal, EMI, Melodie der Welt, etc.). For more information, please see www.songwave.ch.
Kate's song lyric translations are not only translations of content, but artistic adaptations of the original work which adhere to the music in rhyme and meter. As a professional songwriter, she is aware of the effect of lyrics in relation to the song as a whole, and her goal is to make them comfortably singable as well as catchy and artistically intersting. She works in many genres, from pop, rock and metal to folk, jazz, blues and musical theater.
Most of her song lyric translations are created under a "work for hire" agreement. Please contact her for details.
Some of her song lyric translations may contain original artistic content, and may require a percentage of author's rights.
Poetry will be translated with sensitivity to the emotional effect of word choice, and rhyme will be maintained if desired. Our goal is to create an emotional connection across languages, and to make readers forget that they are reading a translation.